Damn, has it really been that long?

Time flies when your busy.  I was looking for something and saw how long it had been since I did a blog entry on here, sorry about that.  I guess I really need another manager to push me along on these things, or I need to work on developing it as a habit.  Maybe I'll try both.

As usual, I always end up piling too much on myself but it eventually gets done.  I am still working on material for the compilation that Ekam is part of, as well as some new songs with lyrics.  I have a new book that should be released very soon, as soon as we get some print layout issues resolved.  It is not music based but I will let you know as soon as it goes live.  I am also exploring the option of joining couple festivals or setting up some more public show dates independently.

Meanwhile, I will try to stay on top of this better.



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